The travel industry is valued at over $7.1 trillion dollars and serves over 3.6 billion passengers across the world.

Yet, the big industry players across the end-to-end travel journey are struggling to keep up with the emergence of the new passenger - a more connected, mobile and demanding one. As a result, more and more startups are entering the scene, with new technology and solutions which raised $2.5B in deals this year. We decided to create a series of Runway Rundown reports to cover the most important trends and players in this emerging, TravelTech movement.

The Reports

The Runway Rundown is a series of reports prepared by the Hack Horizon team to explore and discuss the current state of TravelTech innovation across different verticals in the travel industry.

Each Report Includes

Industry Trends

Hottest Trends


Top Innovators

Case Studies

Best Case Studies